Last Updated: September 26, 2017

Below Is A Little Bit About Me and My Site:

This site is run and maintained by no one other than me, your Goddess Tiffany.  I have been on the internet for over 17 years now, always doing what I want and doing it myself.  Over the years I have tried many different things, always sharing those experiences with members of my website.  You will see pictures of me from the day I turned 18 through today.  You will get to see how I have grown as a person and blossomed in the Goddess you see and love today.

My site is a mirror of myself.  I have learned that I enjoy many different fetishes and have decided that I will give you the opportunity to enjoy them with me.  As you can see (by looking around my site), I enjoy a wide variety of fetishes and have hundreds of videos and pictures of me performing these fetishes.  As a member you will have the opportunity to make requests.  

You will not find another like me.  I know what excites you, I know what will keep you coming back for more.  I pride myself in having the widest variety of fetish content of any other SSBBW.  I will always work to make new and exciting content, much of which you will only find I produce.  I have a very creative mind and come up with new content topics, themes and plots.

I give attention where attention is deserved.  By becoming a member you will have access to me that no others have.  I prioritize my emails and member emails are at the top.  Guests may email me, however may find that it can take months to hear back from me, if they ever hear back at all.  If you do send a message, think it out first.  You are approaching me, your Goddess.  I will not respond to emails or messages such as "you're hot, wanna fuck?" or "will you give me a free membership?".  I only give out memberships to those who pay, period.  I am here to share myself with you, however I am a Goddess and will take no less than the minimum gift I have set as the join price.

Now that you've gotten to know a little more about me and my site, what are you waiting for? Join me inside now!

100% Fetish

100% SSBBW