Spoil Me

I love to be spoiled by you!  I want you to send me gifts all the time!  Whether it's lingerie, shoes, food, gift cards or cash, I'll enjoy all of it!  Below are some of the places you can get me gifts from.  If you need my mailing address, just email me with the subject line "I Want To Spoil You".


You may purchase me anything from Amazon.  I am a geek and love all things electronics.  I am a girly-girl, so I also love lingerie, clothes, shoes, make-up, nail polish, anything that makes me feel pretty.  Have fun and send me something that shows me how much you care!

Tiffany Cushinberry's Amazon Wish List


Send All E-Gift Cards To: TiffanyCushinberry@gmail.com


My Sizing & Stats:

Birthday: August 22nd Shoe Size: 10
Pant Size: 32/34 or 4x Shirt Size: 32/34 or 4x/5x
Bra Size: 48DD Panty Size: 26/28 or 12


I know you can't wait to spoil me with gifts so that you can put a smile on my face.  What are you waiting for? Send me something now!

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