Other Fetishes
Here are some of the different types of things you'll find in the "Other Fetishes" fetish section of my member's only area of my website.
**All videos are shot in HD and then re-sized (720x400) for my website for easier and quicker downloading.  If you want a video in HD you must purchase it from my store**


Bathroom/Taboo Fetishes:  Farting, Burping, Arm Pits are just a few of the type of things you'll find in this category.  This includes farting in people's faces and burping with my girlfriends.  I've got a wide variety of fetishes in the category. 

Fat Sex:  When I first started this site it was a regular porn site.  Over the past 7 years I have added quite a bit of fetish content and sex has been secondary.  You will still find fat sex on my site though.  Whether it's guy/girl or girl/girl I've got regular porn here.  You will also find Belly Button Sex in this area.  If you like seeing a big, deep belly button fucked, you'll see it here.  And, I love to eat while being fucked, so you'll get to see that too!

Balloons & Inflatables:  I enjoy the feeling of breathing in deep and then blowing my air into a latex balloon or an inflatable.  I've got content of me blowing them up and popping them.  Watching me try to pop an inflatable beach ball is quite the sight! You'll even see some of my girlfriends joining me to play with balloons.

Regular Tiffany:  This area is for those of you who enjoy getting to know the regular me.  I will post pictures I've taken with my phone, videos I've done while I'm out and about, candid chat about sex and other topics.  When you look around this area you will worship me even more!

Hours upon hours of video are just a few clicks away!  Join today and start enjoying all the videos I've got plus my 2+ new updates a week that feature new and exciting videos!  And remember as a member you can request what you want to see! 

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