My Store

Here is where you can get even more Tiffany Cushinberry!  Want to have something I've had on my body in your hands?  Now you can!  Email me for payment options.  Do not change subject line.


Listed below are some of the items I have for sale.  *Special* items come in a zip lock bag.    

8x10 Signed Photo  - $20
8x10 Custom Signed Photo - $35
Special Pantyhose - $40 
Special Socks - $25
Special Underwear - $40
Add 5 Photos of Me Wearing Special Item - $20
Add 5 Minute Video of Me Wearing Special Item - $50
***Email Me For Payment***


To purchase high definition videos and to find even more fetish content by me, visit one of the stores below: 

100% Fetish

100% SSBBW