Feeding & Gaining
Here are some of the different types of things you'll find in the "Feeding & Gaining" fetish section of my member's only area of my website.
**All videos are shot in HD and then re-sized (720x400) for my website for easier and quicker downloading.  If you want a video in HD you must purchase it from my store**


Weighing In:  I have weighed in many times over the years and you'll get to see all my weigh-in videos as well as new weigh-in videos.  As a member you will get to know my most current weight, and you'll know it from watching the video!  I have weigh-in videos with my girlfriends as well, so you can find out what we both weigh.  I also have belly weight and sit weight videos. 

Fantasy Gaining:  I dream of being bigger and fatter all the time and I imagine what my girlfriends would look like if they were fatter too.  You'll join me while I talk about my gaining desires and even act them out.  See me tied up and fattened before your eyes by my girlfriends.  I even capture and make them huge too!

Immobility Fantasy:  Enjoy hearing about my immobility fantasies.  From me laying around begging you to feed me, to make me so fat I cannot get out of bed to actually looking as though I am immobile.  I share this very taboo fantasy with you in many, many ways.

Being Fed:  From funnel feedings, to being tied up and fed, to POV (Point of View)  feeding, there are tons of great feeding here!  A girl like me doesn't get this fat and fatter without help from friends!  Yes, I've had weight gain shakes and I've been funnel fed too!  Did I mention I even feed my friends?  There's a lot of feeding going on inside!

Eating:  I love to eat and I know you enjoy seeing me eating.  I eat fully clothed in pubic places and share it with you, I eat fully nude at home and share it with you, and everything in-between.  My girlfriends even join me for eating!  I love eating knowing that those calories keep me a big sexy Goddess and I love it when YOU send me food gifts!

Hours upon hours of video are just a few clicks away!  Join today and start enjoying all the videos I've got plus my 2+ new updates a week that feature new and exciting videos!  And remember as a member you can request what you want to see! 

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