Feet & Tickling
Here are some of the different types of things you'll find in the "Feet & Tickling" fetish section of my member's only area of my website.
**All videos are shot in HD and then re-sized (720x400) for my website for easier and quicker downloading.  If you want a video in HD you must purchase it from my store**


Foot Massages:  I love having my feet catered to.  Whether I'm rubbing foot lotion all over my them, pressing hard into my arches and getting between my toes, or I'm having someone else do it for me, I absolutely go crazy!  If pleases me so much!  I take great care of my feet, from my toes to my heels, they are pampered.

Being Tickled & Tickling:  Sometimes I feel that tickling and feet go together because when I'm tickling someone I always go for them!  I know how sensitive the bottoms of them are, so if I really want to get someone flopping around I go right for the most tender part of the foot! Not to mention the ribs, arm pits, thighs and sides!  There are lots of great tickling videos in the members area!

Foot Jobs:  How would you like to have my feet on your cock, jacking you off?  Want my feet in your face while you get yourself off?  How about I just show you and tell you what I would do?  You'll enjoy a variety of foot job type videos as a member.

Shoes & Socks:  My feet love to be dressed up.  And what better way than in shoes and socks?  I have a wide variety of sexy shoes that is always expanding.  I also think of socks as lingerie for my feet.  I find socks to feel so good on my skin and keeps my tootsies warm on cold nights.  You'll get to see me in sexy shoes, tennis shoes, flip flops, and a nice variety of cute and regular socks.  

Hours upon hours of video are just a few clicks away!  Join today and start enjoying all the videos I've got plus my 2+ new updates a week that feature new and exciting videos!  And remember as a member you can request what you want to see! 

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