Face Sitting & Squashing
Here are some of the different types of things you'll find in the "Face Sitting & Squashing" fetish section of my member's only area of my website.
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Facesitting:  Watch as I use my weight to abuse small men and women.  I love to sit right down on their faces and smother them with my round ass and fat pussy.  From wearing tight jeans to sit right down on their faces to panties to fully bare, you'll find it all here!  I can be gentle or very mean, depending on the bitch I am sitting upon.  

Smothering:  This is different from face sitting because I use my belly to smother men and women.  At times I even smother them with my tits.  I'll use whatever I want to smother them and make them breath my fat!  Using my weight to abuse others makes me feel so powerful!

Wrestling:  There isn't anything more funny to me than a skinny guy or thin girl who thinks they are stronger than I am.  I carry around all this weight on a daily basis.  I push myself up many times a day.  What is going through their minds when they say they are stronger than I am?  In the end I'm glad they want to wrestle because I get to show off my strength!

Lift & Carry:  Many people think that since I'm so fat that I'm not very strong.  As I've said before, I push this big fat body up many times a day plus I carry around a few hundred extra pounds every day.  I'm very strong.  I enjoy showing off my strength by lifting up others and carrying them around.  I also like to challenge them to try to lift me! 

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