Belly & Fat Love
Here are some of the different types of things you'll find in the "Belly & Fat Love" fetish section of my member's only area of my website.
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Tight Clothing & Places:  It's amazing how small the world really is.  When I go out I find that chairs are not made for my girth.  And as I add pounds to my body my clothing seems to get smaller.  Watch as I squeeze into clothing that I've outgrown, or bought thinking it would fit me.  Also see how the world around me is way too small, like my car and public seating.

Jiggle, Shake & Dance:  You love how my body moves? I love how my body moves, so of course I'm going to show it off in motion!  From jumping jacks to dancing to walking, you'll enjoy my body moving.  I do these things indoors and outdoors because I love showing off my body and want all the attention I can get!

Lotioning My Body:  I often have help doing this.  This big body needs to stay soft and to do this I need to get lotion all over it.  I love the feeling of my hands (or someone else's) sliding over my skin with lotion.  The way it feels to have hands slide into my fat rolls, under my boobs and even under my belly turns me on so much!  I just love being touched!

Showing Off:  From showing off at public pools and parks to lying around at home with my belly just hanging out, you'll see it all in the member's area.  I even show off at local department stores.  Anytime I can show off my big body I will because, as I said before, I love attention!!!  

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